Design Services

DesignLab's 30 years of experience as a lighting and ambiance supplier throughout the Midwest provides us with a unique vantage point on the design of theatre facilities as well as lighting for both performance and architecture.  We bring that knowledge and experience to bear on a wide variety of projects.  Recent work has included control systems design for venues from small churches to professional theatres & television studios as well as lighting design for both performances and general illumination needs.  Whatever your lighting needs, we want to be your partner in creating the best  for your price point.

Facilities Design

Our designers want to work with you to create the performance venue you've always dreamed.  Whether it is a small blackbox, comedy cabaret, or a large professional venue we can help ensure that your space and its systems are designed with the power and flexibility to meet your program's needs.  Our staff can assist in the placement of lighting, specification of lighting fixtures and accessories, planning for emergency lighting and egress and a host of other issues that you'll be faced with as you begin to plan your new performance space.  Come to an expert at Designlab to guide you through the process of creating your new facility.

Product Development

When readily available equipment isn't meeting your lighting or control needs, you can turn to DesignLab's technical staff. We can develop, build, and test a solution to your problem. With over a decade of product development experience, we can work together to make your project a success.